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Keep it Beautiful...Forever.

In your words... 

I used Antique Charm Polish to clean and polish this Captain’s Chair (see photo in gallery) before I re-caned it a few years ago. I was astounded at how nicely your polish brought out the natural beauty of the wood. The wood seemed to glow and had such depth to the finish.

This chair is a family heirloom of my wife’s. It’s a walnut captain’s chair in the Eastlake style, made in 1870-80 in either Cincinnati or New York, according to Ken Farmer at Antiques RoadShow.

Your polish just made a beautiful chair even more beautiful. I am so glad to find the source for your polish as I will use nothing else when I’m cleaning and polishing our antiques.

My current project is to re-cane a lyre-back kitchen chair, which I will do while we’re in Indiana in November. First step: clean and polish with Antique Charm.

This is my second order from your company. After seeing what your product did with a grand piano that had been out in the rain in a parking lot, I decided to try it on my unfinished heart pine floor in my newly-purchased 1905 house. The floor now has the look I was picturing.

I love "Antique Charm"!  It thoroughly Quenches my 100 year old kitchen island's thirst. Not only does it work wonders for preserving and polishing my furniture, I enjoy the lovely aroma it fills my house with...

• I am not too good with computers. I do like the website. Thank you for taking my order the old fashioned way. You made it easy.

Antique Charm is part of our family. We all go in on a case and pass it out at our annual family reunion.

• Thank you for my complimentary gloves to use with your polish.

• The bottle (Antique Charm) is so easy for me to use.

• The fragrance is so pleasant.

I wanted to start my own sales of Antique Charm in my professional cleaning business. My customers love your product!

• I keep the last bit for myself. My sisters have started buying their own bottles!

• Great product!... Ken (Used on rhodesian teak table)

• Polish/cleaner arrived, tried it out right away. Works great. Thank you so much!

• Great product!!! Helps restore those favorite heirlooms. Thank you so much.

• From Loose Chips & Loose Treasures in Historical Cadiz, Kentucky: I love your web site and your product. The product does last a very long time and revitalizes our wood. Thank you for this site, it is inspiring.

• Just a quick note to let you know you are part of a blessing. Your wonderful furniture product was given to a woman whose antiques had gotten wet. She lives in Galveston and is trying to recover. Well, we gave her your product with some clothes. Today, she was beaming!!! The furniture is beautiful, she said. She was elated!! What a blessing to her after going through so much discomfort and discouragement.

• From John in Texas:


       My wife and I have collected early American oak dry-good and drug store, doctor and dental cabinets, antique oak furniture and other antique items valued at over $300,000. We collected over 160 antique items, 98 of which are antique oak items that need to be polished to maintain their beauty. These oak antiques include: an oak drug store soda fountain front and back bar with a marble soda dispenser with three spigots and a lamp with a tiffany shade; 1947 Wurlitzer 1015 juke box; 1947 Mills nickel slot machine; drug store ice cream table with glass “showcase” top, cast iron base and 4 wooden swivel seats; 11 spool cabinets, 2 Diamond Dye cabinets, doctor and dentist cabinets; 6-foot wide and 7-foot high tobacco cabinet; 3 antique bedroom suites; 2 ribbon and lace display cabinets; roll-top desk; shaving stand; and many more items.

       I have used Antique Charm Furniture Polish for several years and its quality is unsurpassed by any other product. Over the years, I tried many different antique furniture polishes but none even came close to the way Antique Charm Furniture Polish brings out the beauty of the wood while revitalizing and restoring the wood surfaces. I polish all my wood early American antique pieces every 3 to 6 months with Antique Charm Furniture Polish. It takes me 2 to 3 days to put newspaper under all the pieces to be polished, polish the wood antiques, remove the newspapers and return the pieces to their original places; however, it is well worth the time and effort spent.

       As soon as you begin to spread Antique Charm Furniture Polish on your wood items, you will see it bringing out the grain, beauty and shine in the wood. The many special oils contained in the polish immediately penetrate into the wood to revitalize and restore the wood as well as help to preserve the wood and keep it from drying out and cracking. You and your friends will quickly see the huge difference Antique Charm Furniture makes in the appearance of your antique wood. It is without a doubt the best product on the market. You will be amazed at how great Antique Charm Furniture Polish makes your antique wood look. I continuously receive rave praises from people who visit our home on how beautiful all our antiques look. They commonly say they look new and are in mint condition.

       I give Antique Charm Furniture Polish my strongest recommendation. I would not put any other antique furniture polish on my antiques other than Antique Charm Furniture Polish. It is very easy to apply and wipe off wood surfaces. If you try Antique Charm Furniture Polish, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.